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Incoming Freshman Information

Just accepted to Illinois? Take an LAS Online course before coming to campus.

Incoming Freshman eager to take their first step toward degree completion should consider enrolling in summer LAS Online courses.

Why Take LAS Online Courses Before You Arrive On Campus

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) offers a number of summer online courses perfect for incoming students, including courses that satisfy General Education requirements.

These courses make it possible to earn course credit in the comfort of your home on your schedule before ever setting foot on campus.

Since these are the same high-quality Illinois courses as those offered on campus, you don't need to worry about transferring courses or dealing with transcripts from another institution.

Courses Selected for Incoming Freshman

Course Course Title
ANTH 103Anthro in a Changing World
ANTH 143/HDFS 103Biology of Human Behavior
ASTR 100Introduction to Astronomy
ATMS 120/ESE 120Severe and Hazardous Weather
CLCV 102Medical Terms-GRK & LAT Roots
CMN 212Intro to Organizational Comm
CMN 260Intro to Health Communication
ECON 102Microeconomic Principles
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles
ENGL 104/MACS 104Intro to Film
ESE 117The Oceans
GEOL/ESE 118Natural Disasters
GEOL 111Emergence of LIfe
GLBL 100Intro to Global Studies
GWS 100/HDFS 140/SOC 130Intro Gender & Women's Studies
HIST 273Illinois History
IB 100Biological Sciences
IB 105Environmental Biology
IB 150Organismal & Evolutionary Biol
ITAL 101Elementary Italian 1
LLS 100Intro Latina/Latino Studies
MCB 150Molec & Cellular Basis of Life
PHIL 110/REL 110World Religions
PS 200Foundations of Pol Sci
PS 225Environmental Politics & Policy
PS 280Intro to Intl Relations
PSYC 100Intro Psych
RUSS 101First-Year Russian 1
RUSS 102First-Year Russian 2
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology
STAT 100Statistics

View our comprehensive list of courses selected for first-year students for more information.

How To Enroll Today

To register, please contact the office of the college you've been admitted to today. For LAS students, please contact:

LAS Student Academic Affairs
(217) 333-1705

2002 Lincoln Hall
702 S. Wright St., MC-446
Urbana, IL 61801