Benefits of Teaching Online Hidden

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Teaching Online

Become an LAS Online instructor!

Teaching online offers many benefits to instructors as well as students. In creating dynamic courses that both support and challenge students as they learn, LAS Online instructors are able to sharpen and refine their teaching skills.


Teaching online allows you to teach from anywhere in the world! Even if you stay in the Chambana area, you no longer have to make the trek to a classroom to teach your class - you can do so from the comfort of your own home or office.


Teaching online will allow you to experiment with different and innovative pedagogical strategies.


Teaching online allows you to be as productive in reaching your students as any other form of instruction.


Teaching online offers a wide variety of online pedagogical activities, from online discussions to video tutorials, dramatically increasing student engagement in your course.


Teaching online allows you to reach many students who would otherwise not be able to attend a campus class; therefore increasing the diversity of your student body.