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Examples of Applying the Identity Verification Policy


Examples of Applying the Policy

Below, we provide a set of examples that are being used in University of Illinois courses.

Offering a Final Exam in Proctored Setting in an LAS Online Course

You can consider offering students one or more options for taking an exam in your online course. One option could be to take the exam on-campus in a room that you and your unit arranges and the other option is to use ProctorU.

  • Final Exam
  • There will be a final exam that is worth 20% of the course grade and it covers all material in the course.The final exam is proctored, closed book, closed notes, and is based on the learning objectives of the lecture and activity lessons. You can either take your final exam on the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois or via ProctorU.

  • Proctor U
  • ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows students to take exams online while ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution. The service authenticates your identity and monitors both your computer screen and webcam to ensure academic integrity. Exams will be proctored online by logging into ProctorU. A webcam and reliable internet connection are prerequisites to being able to access and successfully complete the exams: You will have 1 hour to complete each exam. You may begin the exam at any time between 11 AM and 11 PM CDT on the exam day. ProctorU is a fee-based online proctoring service ($14.75 /1-hour exam) billed when you schedule the exam. Refunds are given only if the exam is canceled within 48 hours before the scheduled exam time. All appointments should be made at least 3 days in advance, since reservations made within 72 hours of your exam are subject to a $5 late reservation fee. Web cam, microphone, and computer with internet connection are required.

    For additional information about ProctorU, please visit:

i-Card Photos Feature in Moodle

ATLAS has designed a new feature for the Learn@Illinois Moodle Service called i-Card Photos Block. This block displays the i-card photo, name, and University Identification Number (UIN) of each student enrolled in the course website via Banner. This photo is displayed only to instructors. The student will retain their ability to upload a separate profile picture which will be displayed to their classmates.

Designed with feedback from faculty, the tool is intended for use by instructors to help them to get to know the students and to assist them in verifying the identity of students in recorded or live video.

As with other FERPA-protected information, we strongly recommend that instructors are familiar with FERPA and exercise caution to ensure this information is treated carefully. Instructors can complete a short FERPA training offered by the Office of the Registrar at