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Section 1

LAS Online Policies & Guidelines


Course Approval Policy

Reviewed and approved by LAS Courses and Curricula on April 13, 2017:

New courses should be fully approved by the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee before they are submitted for online development. For more information on the course approval process, visit

LAS Online Policy on Course Scheduling & Frequency

Except for highly specialized elective courses, like study abroad programs, courses should be available to students during academic semesters. In order to ensure this, courses offered in Winter session must also be offered during the previous Fall or subsequent Spring semester. Courses offered during a summer session must also be offered during both the previous academic year and the subsequent year.

Identity Verification Policy

This policy was suspended for Spring 2020 LAS Online classes. It is in effect for Summer 2020 LAS Online classes.

This policy was reviewed and approved by the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee on April 8, 2016 for LAS Online courses:

At a minimum 20% of the course grade must consist of work accomplished by the student when their identity is verified and there is a high reliability they are using only the aids intended (i.e. proctored exams, i.d. checked discussions, etc.). This policy applies to new LAS Online courses while existing courses are grandfathered until their renewals.

Examples of Applying the Identity Verification Policy

LAS Online Student Feedback Policy

The Illinois Online Course Survey is administered in all LAS Online courses. This survey focuses on feedback regarding the course design and online technology. This instrument is distinct from the Instructor & Course Evaluation System (ICES), which is also administered for LAS Online courses. Results of the survey are shared with the instructor of the course, LAS Online, and the instructional designer as applicable.

Campus Paid Proctoring Guideline

If you decide to use Proctor U or another proctoring/verification method that entails additional per hour costs for students, the Office of the Provost at Illinois formulated the following guideline and we ask you to abide with:

Instructors utilizing proctoring/verification methods that carry additional per hour costs for the student are to establish exam timeframes consistent with what they actually believe to be educationally necessary and purposeful for the objective of the exam. This ensures students are not being required to pay for exam proctoring/verification time that the instructor does not intend to utilize.