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Backward Course Design

Resources and examples for designing dynamic online courses.

An effective way to design an online course is through a process called backward course design. This process requires instructors to think about their course design beginning with student objectives, hence the "backwards" aspect of the design. The following links provide useful information for instructors interested in developing a backward course design.

What is Backward Course Design?

From the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Indiana University - Backward Course Design

Excellent Resources from the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University – Understanding by Design


What is Understanding by Design? By Jay McTighe (7:04)

In this video, Jay McTighe offers a great personal explanation of the model of Backward Design. A great way to hear from the person who invented the idea.

Understanding by Design? By Grant Wiggins (23:00)

This is a recording of part of a presentation Gran Wiggins did on the concept. It has two parts; each of them about 11 minutes long.