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Learn how to become a part of LAS Online!

Why Teach Online?

Benefits of Teaching Online
Teaching online offers many benefits to instructors as well as students. In creating dynamic courses that both support and challenge students as they learn, LAS Online instructors are able to sharpen and refine their teaching skills.
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Myths and Realities of Teaching Online
Learn what it’s really like to teach online.
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Faculty Resources

Accessibility is critical for students with disabilities to participate in today's virtual learning communities of the Internet. Please click the link below for more information on accessibility principles and practices from the web page of Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES) at Illinois.
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Backward Course Design
The backward course design process requires instructors to think about their course design beginning with student objectives.
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Components of an Online Course
From videos and wikis to simulations, online courses provide students with a variety of learning experiences.
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The university has established guidelines for implementation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please click the link below for more information.
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LAS Online Course Development
Please complete this form to share your plans with LAS Online about designing your online course(s). Knowing your plans will help us with prioritization as well as determining what ATLAS resources we may be able to provide to assist you in your endeavors.

ATLAS/LAS Online works with faculty members and the leaders of academic units to prioritize the set of LAS Online courses that are afforded resources by our partner the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL). Approximately seven courses receive full resource support (instructional design, multimedia production, copyright clearance & project management) from CITL during two distinct course development cycles per calendar year: January to June & July to December.

ATLAS can also provide resources in the form of assistance in the Moodle learning system and other educational technologies, funding, instructional design expertise as well as audio/visual equipment to assist you in your online course development endeavors.

We work on many course development requests and are eager to help everyone as quickly as we can. After receiving your request, we plan to review it and follow up with you.

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LAS Teaching Academy
The LAS Teaching Academy offers development programs and resources so that faculty can excel in the classroom. Monthly lunch workshops are open to all faculty members.
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Policies and Guidelines
Online courses need to follow certain policies and guidelines for student verification.
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If your department is interested in developing an online course, please contact Tracie Gant for more information.