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All Online Courses

The complete LAS Online course catalog.

Stand-Alone Courses

Course Course Title
AFST 222Intro to Modern Africa
ANTH 103Anthro in a Changing World
ANTH 143Biology of Human Behavior
ANTH 209Food, Culture and Society
ANTH 246Forensic Science
ARAB 150Language & Culture of the Arab World
ASTR 100Perspective in Astronomy
ATMS 120Severe & Hazardous Weather
BTW 250Business and Technical Writing
CHEM 102General Chemistry I
CHEM 104General Chemistry II
CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 332Elementary Organic Chemistry II
CLCV 100Vocab. Building-GRK & LAT Roots
**CLCV 102Medical Terms-GRK & LAT Roots
CMN 212Intro to Organizational Comm
****CMN 260Introduction to Health Communication
CMN 336Family Communication
CMN 595Mass Media and Health
CMN 595Managing Private Information
CMN 595Conflict Management in Health Communication
CMN 595Crisis Communication in Healthcare
CMN 595Cultural Considerations in Health Communication
ECON 102Microeconomic Principles
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles
****ECON 203Economic Statistics II
ENGL 104Introduction to Film
ENGL 199Writing to Get That Job
ENGL 380Writing in a Digital World
ENGL 460Lit. of American Minorities
GEOG 103Earth's Physical Systems
GEOG 105The Digital Earth
***GEOL 100Planet Earth
GEOL 103Planet Earth QR II
GEOL 111Emergence of Life
****GEOL 117The Oceans
GEOL 118Natural Disasters
GWS 100Intro Gender & Women Studies
HIST 255British Isles to 1688
HIST 273Illinois History
IB 100Biological Sciences
IB 105Environmental Biology
IB 150Organismal & Evolutionary Biology
IB 364Bioinformatics & Human Genome
****IB 411Bioinspiration
ITAL 101Elementary Italian I
ITAL 102Elementary Italian II
INFO 490Introduction to Data Science
LAS 199Connecting Work Experience and Your Education
LAST 170Introduction to Latin America
LLS 100Introduction to Latina
MATH 299Calculus Refresher
MATH 402Non Euclidean Geometry
MATH 403Euclidean Geometry
MATH 415Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 446Applied Complex Variables
MATH 461Probability Theory
MATH 488Math Methods in Engineering
MCB 150Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life
MCB 215Foundations in Molecular and Cellular Biology
MCB 244Human Anatomy & Physiology I
MCB 246Human Anatomy & Physiology II
MCB 270Medical Genetics
PS 101Intro to US Gov & Pol
PS 200Foundations in Political Science
PS 224Politics of the National Parks
***PS 225Environmental Politics and Policy
PS 240Intro to Comparative Politics
PS 280Intro to International Relations
PS 305The US Supreme Court
***PSYCH 100Intro Psych
REL 106Archaeology and the Bible
REL 110World Religions
RUSS 101First-Year Russian I
RUSS 102First-Year Russian II
SOC 100Intro to Sociology
SOC 275Criminology
SOC 310Sociology of Deviance
SOC 400Internships
SPAN 200Readings in Hispanic Texts
SPAN 228Spanish Composition
SPAN 252Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
STAT 100Statistics

Online Degree Programs

Master of Science in Health Communication

Course Course Title
*CMN 496Provider Patient Communication(8wk)
CMN 501Intro to Health Communication
CMN 502Health Comm Research Methods I
CMN 503Health Comm Research MethodsII
CMN 504Health & Family Communication
CMN 505Provider-Patient Communication (4wk)
CMN 506Health Informatics
CMN 507Health Communication Organizations Professions & Policy
CMN 508Successful Health Campaigns
CMN 509Social Marketing and Health Behavior
CMN 510Capstone Project in Health Communication

Master of Arts in Translation and Interpreting

Course Course Title
TRST 404Bilingualism and Translation
TRST 405Commercial & Technical Trans
TRST 406Translation for Professions
TRST 407Terminology and CAT
TRST 408Translation Tools & Practices
TRST 410Translation Theory & Practice
**TRST 412Theory & Practice of Spanish Translation
TRST 413Arabic to English Translation
**TRST 420Translation Practice
**TRST 430Chinese Poetry and Translation
**TRST 431History of Translation
**TRST 474Russian to English Translation
TRST 500Methods & Ethics of Translation
TRST 501Applied Literary Translation
TRST 502Applied Literary Translation II
**TRST 530Translation of Religious Texts
*TRST 540Graduate Capstone
TRST 541Community Interpreting
TRST 542Conference Interpreting
TRST 580Special Topics Seminar
*TRST XXXFilm Subtitling

Master of Science in Teaching of Biological Science

Course Course Title
IB 531Emerging Infectious Disease
IB 532Sustainability and Global Change
IB 533Human Genome & Bioinformatics
IB 534Evolution and Medicine
IB 535Biology and Tech Innovation

BS and Certificate in Environmental Sustainability

Course Course Title
ENSU 300Environmental Sustainability
ENSU 301Societal Impacts of Weather and Climate
ENSU 302Air Pollution to Climate Change
ENSU 303Sustainable Business I
ENSU 310Renewable and Alternative Energy
ENSU 409Sustainable Business Management
ESE 200Earth Systems
ESE 320Water Planet, Water Crisis
ESE 360Environmental Writing
ESE 445Earth Resources Sustainability
ESE 470Introduction to Hydrogeology
ESE 482Challenges of Sustainability
ESE 497Environmental Consulting
ESE 497Sustainable Organizations

Certificate Programs

GIS Online Certificate

Course Course Title
***GEOG 379Introduction to GIS
**GEOG 476Applied GIS to Environ Studies
**GEOG 479Advanced Geog Info Systems
**GEOG 480Principles of GIS

Certificate in French Translation

Course Course Title
FR 419Techniques in Translation I
FR 421Techniques in Translation II
FR 485Commercial & Econ French I
FR 486Commercial & Econ French II

Global Studies Minor

Course Course Title
GLBL 100 Intro to Global Studies
*GLBL 199 / 200Foundations of Research
**GLBL 250Development
**GLBL 203Intro to Global Health

Online Certificate in TESL

Course Course Title
EIL 411Introduction to TESL Methodology
EIL 422English Grammar for ESL Teachers
*EIL 445Second Language Reading & Writing
EIL 460Principles of Language Testing
EIL 486Linguistics for Classroom Teachers
EIL 487Technology for Language Teachers
EIL 488Eng Phonology & Morphology for TESL
EIL 489Theoretical Foundations of SLA

Online State of Illinois ESL Endorsement

Course Course Title
EIL 411Introduction to TESL Methodology
*EIL 445Second Language Reading & Writing
EIL 460Principles of Language Testing
EIL 486Linguistics for Classroom Teachers
EIL 489Theoretical Foundations of SLA

*In Development

Note: These courses are in various stages of development.

Course Course Title
ASTR 330Extraterrestrial Life
ASTR 350Introduction to Cosmology
CMN 210Public Comm in Everyday Life
CMN 340Visual Politics
CMN 496Provider Patient Communication
EIL 445Second Language Reading & Writing
EIL 456Language in Social Interaction I
GEOL 104Geology of the National Parks
GLBL 199 / 200Foundations of Global Studies Research
GLBL 203Intro to Global Health
LAS 199Job Search Strategies for LAS Students
MATH 210Theory of Interest
MATH 370Actuarial Problem Solving
PORT 200Advanced Grammar
PORT 404Doing Business in Brazil
PS 385/EUROPolitics of the European Union
SOC 396Cyberspace and Social Relation
STAT 440Statistical Data Management
TRST 413Arabic to English Translation
TRST 540Graduate Capstone


* = In Development - These courses are in various stages of development.

** = To Be Developed - These courses do not have development start dates yet.

*** = In Redesign - These courses are in various stages of redesign.

**** = To Be Redesigned - These courses will be redesigned in the future.