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Student Testimonials

Hear what your fellow students have to say.

At LAS Online, we aim to offer courses that provide students convenient and engaging learning options that positively impact their educational experience.

At the end of each semester, we evaluate LAS Online courses and ask for student feedback. Read what students had to say about their LAS Online course experience.

Why did you decide to take this course online instead of face-to-face?

I wanted to take this course online because it is notoriously challenging. By taking it during the summer, I don't need to worry about it in addition to other challenging courses during the fall or spring semester.

Erin Johnson (CHEM 232)

I was working this summer so this allowed me to work and do class work when I had time.

Katerina Holan (IB 150)

I have a full time job and two children and it was much more feasible to take an online course rather than travel to campus. Many of the courses offered on campus are difficult to attend if you work full time.

Nicole (ANTH 103)

I wanted to take the class over the summer but do not live near Champaign-Urbana. The online class allowed me to continue to learn throughout the summer in the comfort of my own home.

Anonymous (CHEM 232)

I wanted to get some gen-ed courses out of the way in order to focus on more difficult classes that I have during this upcoming semester.

Anonymous (ATMS 120)

What was one thing that you found particularly helpful in this course?

The convenience of being able to go back to video lectures of the professor and watch parts of them again that I forgot or didn't understand.

Alexander (IB 150)

All the information we needed to succeed was readily available with numerous ways to acquire it, whether it be through notes or online lectures.

Anonymous (STAT 100)

How available the resources were - the instructor always answered questions posted in the forum, all of the lecture material was online (so it was very easy to go back and review it), and it was very easy to chat with the other students.

Anonymous (MCB 150)

Why did you find this course to be difficult?

The material is difficult in nature but not beyond that of simply providing a challenging experience valuable to learning.

Virginia Miller (ATMS 120)

The fact that it was online and I could not get instant answers or feedback from the instructor/peers.

Anonymous (RUSS 101)

Are there any other comments about this course that you would like to share with us?

I loved the course! It's not necessarily hard, but not easy either. I appreciate the fact that the work is tedious, but necessary, and very much possible to ace. I also love the fact that the instructor was so helpful if we had a problem comprehending something.

Subria Whitaker (ATMS 120)

Overall, this was a high-quality course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and as someone who has never liked the idea of online classes, I've definitely been converted.

Meghan (SPAN 252)

Thank you for being such an awesome instructor. I made the decision to take this class on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! Never have I enjoyed a class so much, and most importantly, learned so much. And I can't believe it's an online class!! You've put in so much effort to make this class the best possible experience for us, and I thank you for it.

Anonymous (GEOL 117)

I know it was mentioned at the beginning - but please tell the students to keep up with the material and that every question counts!

Anonymous (MCB 150)

Very interesting course material, definitely knowledge to be used in the real world!

Anonymous (GEOG 105)

Although the course moved very fast, I was able to keep up with the content and I found the course materials to be very interesting.

Anonymous (GWS 100)

The course work fits perfectly with the amount of time this course actually takes, and the weekly allotted time is a good match for those that cannot attend face to face classes.

Anonymous (GLBL 100)

This was very well taught course, and even though it was online it felt like you were in a real classroom!

Anonymous (CHEM 232)